【Rd.4 SUGO】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 10th place

【Driver: Otsu】

I could score 10th place and some points but moved down from 8 th position at the start of the race. I am afraid this result should attribute to my bad starting and poor performance when I was among the middle of the group.


Feeling of the car and its pace were good at the second stint with new tires. I then tried to catch up the car ahead of me but could not make it. So disappointing.


I found quite a few points that need adjusting. I would like to level up myself to compete in the next race which is the beginning of the latter half race of this season. I cannot regard myself as a rookie anymore now but need to get on the podium somehow.

Thank you very much for your kind support.



【Director: Tanaka】

#16 Nojiri regained potential speed and showed a good performance and finished the race in the 6th place. Considering his performance today, we feel regretful indeed about the result in the qualifying and his bad start yesterday.


#15 Otsu regained speed in the race, but due to poor start he finished the race in 10th place.


I feel sorry for the fans. I am afraid race result this time would attribute to poor performance in the qualifying in wet conditions yesterday. In the race both cars could not give the best speed. To show one of the best results constantly, I do feel that we need solve all the uncertain things.


We will encounter and solve such issues to prepare for the next race Motegi round. We
thank you very much for your kind support in advance.


【Rd. 4 SUGO Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 8th place

【Driver: Otsu】

I finished the qualifying of the Super Formula Northeastern series 4th round at Sportsland SUGO in 8th place.


Due to quite unstable rainy condition from the morning free session, we had difficulty with car settings and driving. Even under such weather conditions, I was happy to accomplish one of my targets, advancing to Q3, but frankly speaking I wanted to get better result.  Honesty I am disappointed at this result.


Conditions surely will be dry tomorrow. I will change my mind and move up positions. Since I am good at staring, I will launch the race with a good start.  At the same time, we will make a proper strategy to try to stand on the podium.


Please keep on cheering us up.



【Director: Tanaka】

The conditions were wet in both free practice and qualifying on Saturday. I expected to utilize the driving data collected in wet conditions of the previous round Autopolis, however, we could not adopt the data well enough for this different circuit and the result was far behind our expectations.


Considering poor car balance at the start of driving today, the fact that Otsu advanced to Q3 and finished the qualifying in the 8th place is worth admiring.


On the other hand, I feel sorry for Nojiri who could not get good position in Q2 or show his best performance due to a red flag in Q3 and finished the qualifying in 10th place.


We need to analyze the car to find out why the car could not show its speed. The race is expected to be held in dry conditions. We need change our mind and prepare the car for such conditions to stand on the podium in the race. I believe both Nojiri and Otsu along with all the team staffs will do their best effort. Please look forward to the result tomorrow
and keep on supporting us!