【Rd. 7 SUZUKA Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 7 th place

【Driver: Otsu】
I finished 7th place in qualifying session in the final round Suzuka.  I could advance to Q3 but not record satisfactory time.
I tried to win both qualifying and race like I did last time at Twin Ring Motegi but could not make it. Therefore, I am not satisfied with this result at all. I will change my mind and do my best to win the race. Please keep on supporting us.

【Director: Tanaka】
#16 Nojiri won the series championship and #15 Otsu won both qualifying session and race in the previous round Motegi. Today for the final round Suzuka, we had been preparing ourselves radially for both the team title and rookie title of Otsu.
Balance of both #16 Nojiri and #15 Otsu cars were not bad and then we adopted new setup, but it did not work well to reach our expected speed. Then the qualifying results were as they were.  But both drivers showed their best performance to advance to Q3. There positions are still good enough to consider championship. We, all the team members will be united with them to win both the team title and rookie title of Otsu. Cheer us up, please?



【Rd. 6 MOTEGI】#15 Otsu won the very first championship!

#15 Hiroki Otsu (Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh): 1st place

【Driver: Otsu】

I really thank you all for your never-give-up support for me.  I cannot say anything but “I am so happy!” It was only me who chose slick tires in the qualifying but won the pole position. You may say owing to tire selection I could win the pole. But in the race, I could show my best performance and won the race. It could be one of the most perfect days for me.

Pace in the free and warm-up sessions was not good and I discussed with engineers and adjusted setup dramatically on the starting grid and started for the race.

The adjustment worked well and when the safety car appeared, we changed the tires from  the wet to slick ones and whose timing was so perfect owing to mechanics that I could leave the pit so fast.

Cause we discussed about this kind of pit-stop when the safety car is on truck in the meeting before the race. I felt how this team was well-prepared.

Despite pressure from the cars behind, I observed other cars calmly and dealt with various troubles. As the result I believe we could win this race.

I will work hard to improve myself more to be stronger. Please keep on supporting us. Thank you very much indeed.

【Director: Tanaka】

Today was the most glorious day for both Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh and TEAM MUGEN.

#Otsu won both pole position and the race even this is the very first year for him at
Japanese Championship SUPER FORMULA Japan. On the other hand, 16 Nojiri has become
the first series champion in his career.

We would like to express gratitude to the race coordinators who held the race on schedule
in this season. We cannot also thank enough for medical staffs who fought against
COVID-19 literarily for 24/7. Because of such staffs, the race was held on schedule, and we
could compete in the race safe and sound. And then sponsors and fans who supported us
under the sever conditions. Thank you so much indeed.

Due to weather change, this race week was quite tough from the qualifying. Under such a
severe condition, both drivers did their best and other staffs made a right decision and
carried out proper work repeatedly, which worked very well.

I believe Otsu worked hard despite the unstable weather condition. His performance is
worth the result in this race. I am so glad that he won the race! Nojiri lost some positions
just after the race started. I do not have negative impressions on this because this
happened due to his strong will to win the race. Through such hard time including pressure
for winning the series championship, he showed quite stable performance and became the
series champion in reality!

I would like to express gratitude to all the people concerned again. There remains one race
and we will continue to fight hard for it. Please keep on supporting us!




【Rd.6 MOTEGI Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 1 st place

【Driver: Otsu】

I could eventually win the pole position today at Rd. 6 Twin Ring Motegi. I believe I could return the courtesy somehow to everybody who has always been supporting me. Thank you so much.

From the start I could carry out my menu without any problems and find out the best set-up through discussion with engineers. I am happy with the pole position. Since I can start the race from the front row tomorrow, I will show my maximum performance to win the race. Please keep on supporting us.


【Director: Tanaka】

Condition in the qualifying was very tough. But under such conditions, #15 Otsu showed a brilliant performance! Congratulations on getting the pole position!! We all the team members are so happy!

#16 Nojiri also showed his fast and stable driving and gained 1 point thanks to 3rd place even under the huge pressure to win the series championship. He did a good job, and I am excited at his high-level and very stable driving.

But a man worth paying attention to this time must be Otsu. I am so glad that he could win the pole position in the qualifying with a gambling strategy in which it was only Otsu who selected dry tires in Q3. Though I said a gambling strategy, to Otsu this strategy was chosen through deep analysis of his today’s previous driving including one in Q2. I am certain that his pole position was gained through such a fact and his hard effort.

Nojiri can be the series champion depending on the race result tomorrow. I am also looking
forward to Otsu’s first win. All the team members will come together to get the best results
for the team. Thank you for your continued support in advance!