Ren Sato finished thirteenth and missed out on points

Sunday, 10th April, saw the 2nd Round of the 2022 All Japan Super Formula Championship, a double-header hosted at the Fuji Speedway with Ren Sato driving the No. 53 TEAM GOH car, but after a start position of fourth on the grid he was to finish 13th in the 41-lap race.

Sato’s first attempt in Q1 was unsuccessful, but he managed to get through in sixth position on his second attempt; then in Q2 he finished fourth.


A slow start in the race meant he was running in heavy traffic, and this, coupled with a pit strategy that let him down, meant he was unable to move forward and eventually took the chequered flag in 13th place.


Ren Sato, Driver, #53

“Today was a real mixture, I qualified P4 and finished the race P13.  In Qualifying I went off track in my first attempt in Q1, but after some changes I managed to get through on my second attempt.  In Q2 the team made some adjustments to the set-up which worked well and I finished P4.”


“I got off to a slow start in the race so we tried for the undercut, but then lost time in my pitstop, this meant when I rejoined the race I was back in heavy traffic and couldn’t increase my pace so I had to settle and hold my position.  We need to understand where we could have done better, then to analyse the information and resolve the issues in time for the next round in Suzuka.”


“We have tested twice in Suzuka, in December last year and again last month and as a team we feel quite confident about the circuit.  We will do our best, beginning with our Qualifying which will then give us the best kick-start for the race.”


Msashi Yamamoto, Team Director

“Sato didn’t get off to the best start in Q1 today, he went off in his first attempt, but on his second attempt he managed 6th which got him through to Q2.  In Q2 he was P4, I was expecting more, but as a rookie it was an acceptable result.”


“Then unfortunately Sato got off to a bad start in the race, he began over-thinking things and didn’t release the clutch quickly enough, consequently he lost a lot of positions and became buried in the pack.  Our strategy then was to pit him early in order to get him back out in clean air, but the pit stop was too slow and this has become an area the team must work on.  These opening two races in Fuji have taught Sato and his team a lot, now this information has to be digested and fed into the next round in Suzuka.  Please continue to give us your support.”


Ryan Dingle, Engineer #53

“Based on what we learned yesterday we fine-tuned our set-up for qualifying today, but Sato ran off track on his first attempt, and we barely got through Q1 on his second attempt. In Q2 he managed P4.”


“However, our strategy and timing in the race were not good.  We released Sato from his pitstop into very little space on track and I felt sorry for him because we had put him in a situation where he couldn’t progress.  We need to improve not only our team skills in the future, but also our decision making and then how we execute those on-the-spot decisions.”


Atsushi Miyake finished tenth, after an eleventh place start, and gained one point

Rookie driver, Atsushi Miyake, driving the No. 55 TEAM GOH car, finished 10th in his debut race, scoring one point in Round 1 of the 2022 All Japan Super Formula which took place at Fuji Speedway on Saturday, 9 April.

Miyake made it through Q1, but was unable to replicate it in Q2 which placed him 11th on the grid. However, as chaos ensued at the start of the race he dropped further down the order.


The team pitted Miyake to change tyres after 11 laps and whilst the race continued at a steady pace with some overtaking and a few battles, he was only able to move up one position from his grid start to finish in 10th place overall.


Atsushi Miyake, Driver, #55

“I had to fight for position at the start and I lost a few places, but my pace after the tyre change coupled with the team’s strategy was good enough to finish in 10th place. Looking back on the race I was not able to put the sectors together well in Q2 which had a big impact on my position. We will now review the qualifying sessions and the way we drive in the early stages of the race to give the team a chance to work out a strategy which will put us as far ahead as possible in qualifying and make us even more competitive in the race. I will do my best.”


Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director

“Miyake qualified 11th, but had a poor race start, and, through no fault of his own, he did go off track a little, but the early pit stop strategy enabled him to run consistent lap times through the rest of the race and to finish in 10th gaining one point in the process .  It was very significant for the team to score points on our race debut and I am looking forward to the next nine races. Please continue to support us tomorrow.”


Shintaro Okajima, Engineer, #55

“In qualifying whilst we came through Q1, our lap times in Q2 were not good enough. We encountered a problem in the set-up which caused oversteer and made the car difficult to drive; this will be corrected for tomorrow’s qualifying.”

“In the race we started from 11th, but lost some positions as battles were fought out. The pit stop strategy, combined with Miyake’s overtaking on track, meant we were able to recover our position and eventually finish in 10th place scoring our first point in the process and this is a good result leading us into the next round. The balance of the car was good and our race pace was faster than those around us. I also think our long-run race pace will be good tomorrow, but first of all I want to make sure we can show good speed in qualifying which we can then build on in the race.”


Ren Sato finished ninth and acquired a total of 4 points

Fuji Speedway staged the opening round of the 2022 All Japan Super Formula Championship on Saturday, 9 April.  Ren Sato, in TEAM GOH’s No. 53 car, finished  ninth on his race debut taking a total of four points which included two points gained after qualifying in second position.

But despite Sato making a poor start from his second place on the front row of the grid, he pushed hard making up time and was running strongly until he spun after being rear-ended at Dunlop Corner dropping him back to 18th position


However, Sato’s speed on his high-mileage tyres, combined with track conditions, led the team to adopt a stay-out strategy.  Lapping steadily at the same pace as the leaders, he was able to eventually take the chequered flag in ninth place.


Ren Sato, Driver, #53

“Having got off to a slow start I was caught up in the chaos and found myself trying to catch up from almost last place.  I stayed motivated, communicated with the team and finally managed to score some points.  It’s frustrating, but we harvested some positive data and will do our best to convert that to a race win tomorrow.  I look forward to your support.”


Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director

“Sato qualified brilliantly on the front row, but following a slow start and being rear-ended on the opening lap, he dropped to 18th. But the team, including the engineers, supported him well and he persevered to recover his losses.  Strategically the pit stop was a bit late, but having gained two points for qualifying second and a further two points for finishing ninth, we have gathered a total of four points.  I think it was a good debut race which will serve us well for the future and I look forward to your continued support in round 2 tomorrow.”


Ryan Dinge, Engineer, #53

“Tyre management is very important at Fuji so for qualifying we had a good discussion with the drivers and came up with a strategy to warm-up the tyres.  The 10-minute Q1 went very well, but Q2 did not, however for Round 2’s race tomorrow we will have an opportunity to make some improvement if necessary in the 7-minute Q2 session in order to prepare for the race.”


“For the race we combined the set-up we used in testing together with driver’s input from yesterday’s free practice and adjusted it all to suit today’s track conditions.  Unfortunately we got off to a bad start then we were rear-ended at Dunlop Corner on the opening lap, but Sato didn’t give up, staying calm, very focused and maintaining a good pace.  I think we will be able to fight with the leaders in tomorrow’s second round as we can still make improvements in the set-up, and with our race start, as well as eliminating some losses in our pit work.”


“Several of the engineers did their jobs well in the race today too, analysing things very quickly which culminated up giving us a good result, so thanks to everyone”


【Rd.7 SUZUKA】#15 Otsu won the rookie of the year!

#15 Hiroki Otsu (Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh): 5th place / 2021 rookie of the year

【Driver: Otsu】
Thank you so much for your lots of support. I joined this team as a rookie and owing to help from the team members, I could win the rookie of the year. Again, thank you very much.  Since I worked with my senior teammate Nojiri, I could learn a lot from him as a driver. This season was quite fulfilling one to me.  Though I received the rookie of the year award, I will not become complacent with the award but to keep on working hard to become faster and stronger.  Your support helped me a lot. I thank you so much. Please keep on supporting Hiroki Otsu. Thank you.


【Director: Tanaka】
The final round in 2021 has just ended. Both Nojiri and Otsu moved up their positions from the starting and Nojiri finished 3rd on podium and Otsu finished 5th and gained 6 points to become the rookie of the year!  They could have gotten better result, I believe, but all the team members are satisfied with their results. In the end #16 TEAM MUGEN Nojiri won the serries championship and #15 Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh got the rookie of the year. It was the absolute best season for the team.
We also need to express our gratitude towards the medical persons cause due to them all the races were held on schedule with unharmed.
At the same time to the people involved in managing the race event, to the sponsors, and all the fans who came up to the racecourse and who watch the race on TV. We would lie to feel gratitude for you, all.
We have already started to move for next season to become a stronger team. Please continue to support and cheer for us.



【Rd. 7 SUZUKA Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 7 th place

【Driver: Otsu】
I finished 7th place in qualifying session in the final round Suzuka.  I could advance to Q3 but not record satisfactory time.
I tried to win both qualifying and race like I did last time at Twin Ring Motegi but could not make it. Therefore, I am not satisfied with this result at all. I will change my mind and do my best to win the race. Please keep on supporting us.

【Director: Tanaka】
#16 Nojiri won the series championship and #15 Otsu won both qualifying session and race in the previous round Motegi. Today for the final round Suzuka, we had been preparing ourselves radially for both the team title and rookie title of Otsu.
Balance of both #16 Nojiri and #15 Otsu cars were not bad and then we adopted new setup, but it did not work well to reach our expected speed. Then the qualifying results were as they were.  But both drivers showed their best performance to advance to Q3. There positions are still good enough to consider championship. We, all the team members will be united with them to win both the team title and rookie title of Otsu. Cheer us up, please?



【Rd. 6 MOTEGI】#15 Otsu won the very first championship!

#15 Hiroki Otsu (Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh): 1st place

【Driver: Otsu】

I really thank you all for your never-give-up support for me.  I cannot say anything but “I am so happy!” It was only me who chose slick tires in the qualifying but won the pole position. You may say owing to tire selection I could win the pole. But in the race, I could show my best performance and won the race. It could be one of the most perfect days for me.

Pace in the free and warm-up sessions was not good and I discussed with engineers and adjusted setup dramatically on the starting grid and started for the race.

The adjustment worked well and when the safety car appeared, we changed the tires from  the wet to slick ones and whose timing was so perfect owing to mechanics that I could leave the pit so fast.

Cause we discussed about this kind of pit-stop when the safety car is on truck in the meeting before the race. I felt how this team was well-prepared.

Despite pressure from the cars behind, I observed other cars calmly and dealt with various troubles. As the result I believe we could win this race.

I will work hard to improve myself more to be stronger. Please keep on supporting us. Thank you very much indeed.

【Director: Tanaka】

Today was the most glorious day for both Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh and TEAM MUGEN.

#Otsu won both pole position and the race even this is the very first year for him at
Japanese Championship SUPER FORMULA Japan. On the other hand, 16 Nojiri has become
the first series champion in his career.

We would like to express gratitude to the race coordinators who held the race on schedule
in this season. We cannot also thank enough for medical staffs who fought against
COVID-19 literarily for 24/7. Because of such staffs, the race was held on schedule, and we
could compete in the race safe and sound. And then sponsors and fans who supported us
under the sever conditions. Thank you so much indeed.

Due to weather change, this race week was quite tough from the qualifying. Under such a
severe condition, both drivers did their best and other staffs made a right decision and
carried out proper work repeatedly, which worked very well.

I believe Otsu worked hard despite the unstable weather condition. His performance is
worth the result in this race. I am so glad that he won the race! Nojiri lost some positions
just after the race started. I do not have negative impressions on this because this
happened due to his strong will to win the race. Through such hard time including pressure
for winning the series championship, he showed quite stable performance and became the
series champion in reality!

I would like to express gratitude to all the people concerned again. There remains one race
and we will continue to fight hard for it. Please keep on supporting us!




【Rd.6 MOTEGI Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 1 st place

【Driver: Otsu】

I could eventually win the pole position today at Rd. 6 Twin Ring Motegi. I believe I could return the courtesy somehow to everybody who has always been supporting me. Thank you so much.

From the start I could carry out my menu without any problems and find out the best set-up through discussion with engineers. I am happy with the pole position. Since I can start the race from the front row tomorrow, I will show my maximum performance to win the race. Please keep on supporting us.


【Director: Tanaka】

Condition in the qualifying was very tough. But under such conditions, #15 Otsu showed a brilliant performance! Congratulations on getting the pole position!! We all the team members are so happy!

#16 Nojiri also showed his fast and stable driving and gained 1 point thanks to 3rd place even under the huge pressure to win the series championship. He did a good job, and I am excited at his high-level and very stable driving.

But a man worth paying attention to this time must be Otsu. I am so glad that he could win the pole position in the qualifying with a gambling strategy in which it was only Otsu who selected dry tires in Q3. Though I said a gambling strategy, to Otsu this strategy was chosen through deep analysis of his today’s previous driving including one in Q2. I am certain that his pole position was gained through such a fact and his hard effort.

Nojiri can be the series champion depending on the race result tomorrow. I am also looking
forward to Otsu’s first win. All the team members will come together to get the best results
for the team. Thank you for your continued support in advance!


【Rd.5 MOTEGI】#15 Hiroki Otsu : 10th place

【Driver: Otsu】

It was a disappointing race. While I drove in the 7th position, rear tires slipped, and anti-stall device started to function, and I was overtaken by several cars.


Beginning of the session in qualifying day was good, however, I could not keep it. I need to reflect on myself. I am afraid that oversteer in the first session bothered me a lot.

Our strategy was to take a pit stop in the early stage of the race, which was not bad, however, other teams also adopted the same strategy.

I will deal with troubles more calmly and work closely with the team members to show the satisfactory result.

Nojiri-san was perfect. Congratulations. I will do my best to show our sponsors the satisfactory result and contribute to the team. Thank you so much for your support.



【Director: Tanaka】

#16 Nojiri did it! Champion! Thank you so much! To show the speed performance has been one of our challenging targets. In this weekend we could make records in qualifying and #16 kept top position all through the race and became the champion. I afresh was so impressed with his potential speed. At the same time, I am so proud to be able to make the result of an outstanding speed.


Nojiri showed the much better performance than we expected all through this weekend. I was able to watch him drive in every session without any stresses. The only concern had been starting, but he showed us so perfect one including the rest of the race.


On the other hand, Otsu could not deal with the first corner well and lost one position. And then due to unexpected car movement he lost more positions.


Car balance itself was good and Otsu himself showed his potentials through this weekend. It is so pity that he could not stand on a podium despite he could. We will investigate the car to figure out the cause of such a movement at our factory. I believe we can show the best result at next. Please look forward to it.


I highly appreciate two drivers, engineers, mechanics, and team staff for your perfect work. I sincerely would like to praise you guys’ efforts! We would like to express our gratitude toward daily efforts of all the medical workers as well. We cannot thank you enough.


We also so appreciate support from all the sponsors, supporters, and fans at the same time. We will do our very best to win the rest of two races to become the series champion. Please keep on supporting us.






【Rd. 5 MOTEGI Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 7 th place
【Driver: Otsu】
I feel grateful for mechanics and engineers who prepared for this race in this scorching heat, and related companies and business partners which support our team. Because of them this race was held safe and sound.
Car feeling from the beginning was good in qualifying day.  According to test session menu, tried a few settings and could notice slight change of car condition. Due to change of road suffice temperature, I could bring out good performance in Q1 and Q2, but conversely I could not in Q3.
Since I aimed to get a pole position, this result was disappointing to me. I will list up bad points in this session for the next qualifying. Mr. Nojiri was so fast. I would like to absorb whatever necessary for me from him.
I will make a good start in the race tomorrow to get on a podium. Cheer us up, please.
【Director: Tanaka】
I would like to extend deep gratitude to all the people who prepared for Super Formula Motegi round in an unstable social situation.
In qualifying #16 Nojiri scored the pole position! I am so glad to inform this great news.
TEAM MUGEN has been suffering from Motegi course for a long period of time but eventually we could show the best result. Nojiri got pole position with outstanding speed. This result was so valuable for not only of course Nojiri but for all the team staff.
#15 Otsu was also in a good condition from the morning session then challenged qualifying with confidence. He proudly advanced to Q3 this time following previous race Sugo round.  He finished in 7th place. Since I believe his performance was excellent enough to get a better result, I feel bad at the result. I am sure that he will continue to show this performance and get a better result in the race.
Nojiri, Otsu, all the engineers, mechanics showed the excellent performance. We will be on
our toes again and do our best to show you the very best result. Please keep on supporting


【Rd.4 SUGO】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 10th place

【Driver: Otsu】

I could score 10th place and some points but moved down from 8 th position at the start of the race. I am afraid this result should attribute to my bad starting and poor performance when I was among the middle of the group.


Feeling of the car and its pace were good at the second stint with new tires. I then tried to catch up the car ahead of me but could not make it. So disappointing.


I found quite a few points that need adjusting. I would like to level up myself to compete in the next race which is the beginning of the latter half race of this season. I cannot regard myself as a rookie anymore now but need to get on the podium somehow.

Thank you very much for your kind support.



【Director: Tanaka】

#16 Nojiri regained potential speed and showed a good performance and finished the race in the 6th place. Considering his performance today, we feel regretful indeed about the result in the qualifying and his bad start yesterday.


#15 Otsu regained speed in the race, but due to poor start he finished the race in 10th place.


I feel sorry for the fans. I am afraid race result this time would attribute to poor performance in the qualifying in wet conditions yesterday. In the race both cars could not give the best speed. To show one of the best results constantly, I do feel that we need solve all the uncertain things.


We will encounter and solve such issues to prepare for the next race Motegi round. We
thank you very much for your kind support in advance.


【Rd. 4 SUGO Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 8th place

【Driver: Otsu】

I finished the qualifying of the Super Formula Northeastern series 4th round at Sportsland SUGO in 8th place.


Due to quite unstable rainy condition from the morning free session, we had difficulty with car settings and driving. Even under such weather conditions, I was happy to accomplish one of my targets, advancing to Q3, but frankly speaking I wanted to get better result.  Honesty I am disappointed at this result.


Conditions surely will be dry tomorrow. I will change my mind and move up positions. Since I am good at staring, I will launch the race with a good start.  At the same time, we will make a proper strategy to try to stand on the podium.


Please keep on cheering us up.



【Director: Tanaka】

The conditions were wet in both free practice and qualifying on Saturday. I expected to utilize the driving data collected in wet conditions of the previous round Autopolis, however, we could not adopt the data well enough for this different circuit and the result was far behind our expectations.


Considering poor car balance at the start of driving today, the fact that Otsu advanced to Q3 and finished the qualifying in the 8th place is worth admiring.


On the other hand, I feel sorry for Nojiri who could not get good position in Q2 or show his best performance due to a red flag in Q3 and finished the qualifying in 10th place.


We need to analyze the car to find out why the car could not show its speed. The race is expected to be held in dry conditions. We need change our mind and prepare the car for such conditions to stand on the podium in the race. I believe both Nojiri and Otsu along with all the team staffs will do their best effort. Please look forward to the result tomorrow
and keep on supporting us!