Atsushi Miyake finished tenth, after an eleventh place start, and gained one point

Rookie driver, Atsushi Miyake, driving the No. 55 TEAM GOH car, finished 10th in his debut race, scoring one point in Round 1 of the 2022 All Japan Super Formula which took place at Fuji Speedway on Saturday, 9 April.

Miyake made it through Q1, but was unable to replicate it in Q2 which placed him 11th on the grid. However, as chaos ensued at the start of the race he dropped further down the order.


The team pitted Miyake to change tyres after 11 laps and whilst the race continued at a steady pace with some overtaking and a few battles, he was only able to move up one position from his grid start to finish in 10th place overall.


Atsushi Miyake, Driver, #55

“I had to fight for position at the start and I lost a few places, but my pace after the tyre change coupled with the team’s strategy was good enough to finish in 10th place. Looking back on the race I was not able to put the sectors together well in Q2 which had a big impact on my position. We will now review the qualifying sessions and the way we drive in the early stages of the race to give the team a chance to work out a strategy which will put us as far ahead as possible in qualifying and make us even more competitive in the race. I will do my best.”


Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director

“Miyake qualified 11th, but had a poor race start, and, through no fault of his own, he did go off track a little, but the early pit stop strategy enabled him to run consistent lap times through the rest of the race and to finish in 10th gaining one point in the process .  It was very significant for the team to score points on our race debut and I am looking forward to the next nine races. Please continue to support us tomorrow.”


Shintaro Okajima, Engineer, #55

“In qualifying whilst we came through Q1, our lap times in Q2 were not good enough. We encountered a problem in the set-up which caused oversteer and made the car difficult to drive; this will be corrected for tomorrow’s qualifying.”

“In the race we started from 11th, but lost some positions as battles were fought out. The pit stop strategy, combined with Miyake’s overtaking on track, meant we were able to recover our position and eventually finish in 10th place scoring our first point in the process and this is a good result leading us into the next round. The balance of the car was good and our race pace was faster than those around us. I also think our long-run race pace will be good tomorrow, but first of all I want to make sure we can show good speed in qualifying which we can then build on in the race.”


Ren Sato finished ninth and acquired a total of 4 points

Fuji Speedway staged the opening round of the 2022 All Japan Super Formula Championship on Saturday, 9 April.  Ren Sato, in TEAM GOH’s No. 53 car, finished  ninth on his race debut taking a total of four points which included two points gained after qualifying in second position.

But despite Sato making a poor start from his second place on the front row of the grid, he pushed hard making up time and was running strongly until he spun after being rear-ended at Dunlop Corner dropping him back to 18th position


However, Sato’s speed on his high-mileage tyres, combined with track conditions, led the team to adopt a stay-out strategy.  Lapping steadily at the same pace as the leaders, he was able to eventually take the chequered flag in ninth place.


Ren Sato, Driver, #53

“Having got off to a slow start I was caught up in the chaos and found myself trying to catch up from almost last place.  I stayed motivated, communicated with the team and finally managed to score some points.  It’s frustrating, but we harvested some positive data and will do our best to convert that to a race win tomorrow.  I look forward to your support.”


Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director

“Sato qualified brilliantly on the front row, but following a slow start and being rear-ended on the opening lap, he dropped to 18th. But the team, including the engineers, supported him well and he persevered to recover his losses.  Strategically the pit stop was a bit late, but having gained two points for qualifying second and a further two points for finishing ninth, we have gathered a total of four points.  I think it was a good debut race which will serve us well for the future and I look forward to your continued support in round 2 tomorrow.”


Ryan Dinge, Engineer, #53

“Tyre management is very important at Fuji so for qualifying we had a good discussion with the drivers and came up with a strategy to warm-up the tyres.  The 10-minute Q1 went very well, but Q2 did not, however for Round 2’s race tomorrow we will have an opportunity to make some improvement if necessary in the 7-minute Q2 session in order to prepare for the race.”


“For the race we combined the set-up we used in testing together with driver’s input from yesterday’s free practice and adjusted it all to suit today’s track conditions.  Unfortunately we got off to a bad start then we were rear-ended at Dunlop Corner on the opening lap, but Sato didn’t give up, staying calm, very focused and maintaining a good pace.  I think we will be able to fight with the leaders in tomorrow’s second round as we can still make improvements in the set-up, and with our race start, as well as eliminating some losses in our pit work.”


“Several of the engineers did their jobs well in the race today too, analysing things very quickly which culminated up giving us a good result, so thanks to everyone”


Atsushi Miyake was boosted by his first run at Fuji Speedway in preparation for the season opener

The second official test of the 2022 Super Formula Championship was held at Fuji Speedway over two days from 22nd to 23rd March. The venue, which hosts the opening round of the season, has many different characteristics to the previous test at Suzuka circuit.


Day 1 began cold and wet. Due to the very wet conditions at the start of Session 1 many cars opted not to run. However, Miyake, in car no. 55, joined the track at the 10.10am start time and turned a series of cautious laps through the standing water, but conditions worsened as the rain turned to sleet. After six laps Miyake returned to the pit and the team spent the remainder of the day practising tyre changes and pit work.


When sleet turned to snow on the afternoon of the first day, Session 2 was cancelled. However, on Day 2, 23rd March, the weather had cleared at Fuji Speedway.


Sessions 3 and 4 on Day 2 saw some good testing in preparation for the season opener with many short and long runs, race simulations, as well as other tests, being completed – none of which had been able to take place on Day 1 due to the very short amount of time on track.

The position and best time overall was 14th with a time of 1:21.799

Atsushi Miyake, Driver, #55
“On Day 1 track conditions were so bad I could not drive at all. I did six laps, but my sole concentration was spent trying not to spin out. Today, Day 2, we practised qualifying in the morning and long runs in the afternoon in preparation for the race. Because we were unable to run yesterday the mechanics worked hard on various simulations to give me the best opportunity in the short time available. This allowed me to see what was still needed and to clarify the issues we had to solve before the opening race. It was my first time at Fuji in a Super Formula car, but I was able to produce a time not too far behind the leaders in the long runs. Please continue to give me your support.”


Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director
“In the morning Miyake’s car, No. 55, struggled a little with set-up, but he was able to run good times in Sector 3, which is generally said to be difficult at Fuji, so I am hoping we can successfully correlate this with the good data from Ren’s no. 53 car. We were also able to have good pace in the afternoon’s long run so we can identify and solve any further issues and look forward to the start of the season. I am sure we will be able to have a good race.”


Shintaro Okajima, Engineer, #55
“Yesterday, on Day 1, we began, but due to the rain we were forced to stop which enabled us to practice team and pit work instead. On Day 2 with the set-ups we had prepared, the performance was only fair, so we tried several test options and came up with some good and bad points, but overall I think we improved a lot compared to the Suzuka test.

We also ran simulations on pit operations and now we will go away and hold more team meetings so that we can focus on our responsibilities and improve our overall performance in readiness for the start of the season.”


Ren Sato recorded the fastest lap time in Session 3 at Fuji Speedway

The official 2-day test of the 2022 SUPER FORMULA Championship was held at Fuji Speedway on 22nd and 23rd March.


As Fuji is to host the opening round of the 2022 Championship, this final pre-season test was seen as the most important of all.


Ren Sato, car no. 53, did not take to the track in the morning’s Session 1. Subsequently due to severe weather conditions with snowfall in the afternoon, Session 2 was cancelled.


With calm conditions and under clear skies, in stark contrast to the previous day, and with temperatures still at 0°C, Session 3 on Day 2 began on time at 9.50am. No sooner had the session started than car no. 53 took to the circuit with only a slight headwind on the home straight to contend with.


The team had opted to do short runs in the morning and nearing the end of the session, on lap 39, when out on a set of new tyres, Sato recorded a time of 1:21.815.
(If equal lap times are recorded, the order set by the time at which the lap was recorded)


During the afternoon’s Session 4 the team worked on their long run set-up before reverting to the shorter runs in the latter half of the afternoon, but with track surface temperatures rapidly cooling they struggled to warm up the tyres and eventually the session had to be red flagged bringing the Fuji test to a premature end.

Ren Sato, Driver, #53
“On the second day we began the morning concentrating on short runs and recorded the fastest lap in Session 3 which was great. We worked on long run simulations in the afternoon in preparation for the race as well as practising our starts and pit work. We encountered some issues which we were able to address in order to improve them before the start of the season. Fuji is not only my favourite track, but it’s also our first race and this test has given me a great deal of confidence so I want to use it to make sure we get a good result.”

Masashi Yamamoto, Team Director
“We spent today’s morning session working on short run set-up and made a significant step forward as we were able to record the fastest time equalling the leader of the session. We did race simulation in the afternoon as well as a long run test which showed up some issues. Unfortunately when we tried to push on the new tyres the track temperature had significantly dropped which meant we struggled to heat up the tyres and get any grip. Then came a red flag before Sato could finish his hot lap, but all in all it was a very productive test which increases my expectations for the start of the season.”

Ryan Dingle, Engineer, #53.
“Having had to forego a run on the first day, Ren showed his speed with a good set of short runs during the morning of the second day. We started the afternoon with a long run set-up, but encountered some problems and lost a bit of time so we switched back to the short set-up and were able to turn some good times on used tyres just as we had experienced in the morning. But setting a hot lap on new tyres was difficult because of the very low track temperatures, then half way through the session we were thwarted by a red flag which brought everything to an abrupt end.

Overall I believe it was a very positive test; we were able to reaffirm the good points learned at our Suzuka test by doing practice starts, pit outs as well as out-lap preparations for the race. Consequently most of the base set-up has been completed, although there is still room for improvement and refinement before the start of the season as we need to make further detailed adjustments for the actual race.

Since the opening round of the Championship is a double-header, I want to get as far ahead with qualifying as possible in order to get some good points on the table, then I hope we can aim even higher in the second race.”


SUZUKA Test Day 1

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TEAM GOH’s inaugural run in formula cars at a 30-minute Free Practice Session held at the Suzuka Motorsport Fan Fest held on Saturday, 5th March

Ren Sato, #53 car, and Atsushi Miyake, #55 car, take their first laps at the Suzuka Motorsport Fan Fest held on Saturday, 5th March.


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  • Former Honda F1 Managing Director Masashi Yamamoto joins as Team Director
  • Ren Sato’s No. 53 car to run as Red Bull Racing-Honda joint Driver Development Programme


TEAM GOH MOTORSPORTS Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Masashi Yamamoto, former Honda F1 Managing Director, as Team Director for their assault on the 2022 SUPER FORMULA CHAMPIONSHIP.  Masashi Yamamoto will work in tandem with Kazuhiro Ikeda, TEAM GOH’s Team Principal.


Based on his international experience, his quick decision making and his keen eye for young drivers, TEAM GOH is expecting Yamamoto’s leadership to assist in the team’s desire to support young drivers in the 2022 SUPER FORMULA.  It is hoped that the team under Yamamoto’s leadership will eventually produce a World Champion.


TEAM GOH’s two race cars for the upcoming season, No. 53 and No. 55, are to be unveiled to the public at the “MO-SPO Festival 2022 Suzuka – MOTORSPORTS FAN THANKS DAY” being held next weekend, 5th-6th March, at the Suzuka Circuit.


Following the appointment of TEAM GOH by Red Bull Racing-Honda to be part of their joint Driver Development Programme, Car No. 53 is to be driven by Ren SATO, who has now been  registered as a driver of the Red Bull Junior Team.  Car No 55 will be driven by Atsushi MIYAKE, a 2018 SRS-Formula (Suzuka Racing School-Formula) scholarship winner.  Both drivers are naturally gifted and have the potential for great pace; the team will be closely monitoring their performance throughout the season and hoping they will excel beyond their rookie driver status.


Team Principal, Kazuhiro IKEDA

“It is TEAM GOH’s first venture into competing in a formula race.  Formula racing is pure racing under equal conditions; there will be no ‘unlikely chance win’.  Based on our experience of competing across the globe, we will bring all our efforts together with the aim of producing great results.  TEAM GOH’s philosophy operates on three important factors: firstly, to carry on the motorsport culture it has built up over the years, secondly, to develop human resources which can shape innovative technologies, and finally, to nurture sustainability and the global environment.”


Team Director, Masashi YAMAMOTO

“Firstly, I would like to thank Team Owner, Mr. Goh, and Team Principal, Mr. Ikeda, for welcoming me as Team Director.  This year we have two drivers, one from Red Bull Jr-Honda, Ren Sato, the other an SRS-F graduate, Atsushi Miyake, both the drivers, the team and myself are all rookies and I am extremely excited to be involved in such a “rookie year”.  Aside from being totally committed to each race throughout the season, I want to ensure that we share the excitement with our motorsport fans and that we continue to build and boost motorsport culture in order that we can bring the enjoyment to a bigger audience.”.


Car No. 53 Driver: Ren SATO

“I am proud to be competing in the SUPER FORMULA this year as a driver for TEAM GOH which has such a long and distinguished history in our sport.  This will be my rookie season and I am committed to working closely with the team to ensure a strong performance at every  race, but I also want my performance to show that, in line with Team Goh’s vision, I can be capable of competing internationally.  I look forward to welcoming your cheers of support.”


Car No. 55 Driver: Atsushi MIYAKE

“I am incredibly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to compete in the 2022 SUPER FORMULA CHAMPIONSHIP with TEAM GOH.  This is my first year in SUPER FORMULA and I have been preparing myself both physically and mentally in order for me to give the best possible performance right from our first race in April.  Even though I am a rookie, I want to be able to put myself in the best possible position to win races.  Please send me your support and cheer me on.”



Car No. 53  Red Bull TEAM GOH G01 SF19


Car No. 55 TEAM GOH G01 SF19



Young Drivers, Ren Sato and Atsushi Miyake, to join TEAM GOH


GOH has pleasure in announcing Ren SATO and Atsushi MIYAKE as their drivers for the 2022 SUPER FORMULA CHAMPIONSHIP.

Both Sato and Miyake competed in the 2021 SUPER FORMULA LIGHTS CHAMPIONSHIP; now the opportunity afforded to them in being selected for SUPER FORMULA in 2022 follows TEAM GOH’S initiative of pursuing “young driver development through international racing”.

TEAM GOH, in conjunction with their Team Principal, Kazuhiro IKEDA, will aim for victory this season thereby providing Sato and Miyake with the opportunity to accelerate their careers in future international competition.