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【Rd.5 MOTEGI】#15 Hiroki Otsu : 10th place

【Driver: Otsu】

It was a disappointing race. While I drove in the 7th position, rear tires slipped, and anti-stall device started to function, and I was overtaken by several cars.


Beginning of the session in qualifying day was good, however, I could not keep it. I need to reflect on myself. I am afraid that oversteer in the first session bothered me a lot.

Our strategy was to take a pit stop in the early stage of the race, which was not bad, however, other teams also adopted the same strategy.

I will deal with troubles more calmly and work closely with the team members to show the satisfactory result.

Nojiri-san was perfect. Congratulations. I will do my best to show our sponsors the satisfactory result and contribute to the team. Thank you so much for your support.



【Director: Tanaka】

#16 Nojiri did it! Champion! Thank you so much! To show the speed performance has been one of our challenging targets. In this weekend we could make records in qualifying and #16 kept top position all through the race and became the champion. I afresh was so impressed with his potential speed. At the same time, I am so proud to be able to make the result of an outstanding speed.


Nojiri showed the much better performance than we expected all through this weekend. I was able to watch him drive in every session without any stresses. The only concern had been starting, but he showed us so perfect one including the rest of the race.


On the other hand, Otsu could not deal with the first corner well and lost one position. And then due to unexpected car movement he lost more positions.


Car balance itself was good and Otsu himself showed his potentials through this weekend. It is so pity that he could not stand on a podium despite he could. We will investigate the car to figure out the cause of such a movement at our factory. I believe we can show the best result at next. Please look forward to it.


I highly appreciate two drivers, engineers, mechanics, and team staff for your perfect work. I sincerely would like to praise you guys’ efforts! We would like to express our gratitude toward daily efforts of all the medical workers as well. We cannot thank you enough.


We also so appreciate support from all the sponsors, supporters, and fans at the same time. We will do our very best to win the rest of two races to become the series champion. Please keep on supporting us.





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