2021.10.16 News, Press, Races

【Rd.6 MOTEGI Qualifying】#15 Hiroki Otsu: 1 st place

【Driver: Otsu】

I could eventually win the pole position today at Rd. 6 Twin Ring Motegi. I believe I could return the courtesy somehow to everybody who has always been supporting me. Thank you so much.

From the start I could carry out my menu without any problems and find out the best set-up through discussion with engineers. I am happy with the pole position. Since I can start the race from the front row tomorrow, I will show my maximum performance to win the race. Please keep on supporting us.


【Director: Tanaka】

Condition in the qualifying was very tough. But under such conditions, #15 Otsu showed a brilliant performance! Congratulations on getting the pole position!! We all the team members are so happy!

#16 Nojiri also showed his fast and stable driving and gained 1 point thanks to 3rd place even under the huge pressure to win the series championship. He did a good job, and I am excited at his high-level and very stable driving.

But a man worth paying attention to this time must be Otsu. I am so glad that he could win the pole position in the qualifying with a gambling strategy in which it was only Otsu who selected dry tires in Q3. Though I said a gambling strategy, to Otsu this strategy was chosen through deep analysis of his today’s previous driving including one in Q2. I am certain that his pole position was gained through such a fact and his hard effort.

Nojiri can be the series champion depending on the race result tomorrow. I am also looking
forward to Otsu’s first win. All the team members will come together to get the best results
for the team. Thank you for your continued support in advance!

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